Dark Freckle Re Appeared After Removal.

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smurfchops | 19:01 Fri 17th Sep 2021 | Body & Soul
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A small freckle type spot smaller than a pin head appeared on my face I would say around eight years ago, which grew unevenly and slowly over a few years. My doctor arranged for me to have it removed on NHS as it was getting bigger, this was around two years ago. I was told it was benign. However now two years later I have noticed another very small freckle type spot appearing in the scar, would this be anything to worry about and see the doctor again, or should I just wait to see if it gets bigger? It doesn’t itch or bleed, it’s just like a darkish freckle.


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Watch and wait.
If it gets larger, or bleeds then see your GP.
Almost certainly benign and no big deal.
It's all lumps and bumps today Sqad.:-)
LOL....indeed Tilley.
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Thanks as always sqad.
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Sqad, is it unusual that it has re appeared in the same place?
Not really smurfy.

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Dark Freckle Re Appeared After Removal.

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