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Ecg - Nonspecific T Wave Abnormality

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Eve | 11:40 Sun 25th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hi, anyone have a fairly simply way of explaining what this would mean on an ECG? Though I'm guessing the nonspecific bit is, well, nonspecific!! But generally.

The ECG was marked as abnormal, it said there was sinus tachycardia (I know what that bit is :)), then the bit about the T Waves, then that it was abnormal. I'm assuming they are the reasons it was abnormal.

I was wondering if it could indicate atrial fibrillation? Bit of a long story, but GP said I was in AF just coming up a year ago, I had an abnormal ECG there. Was sent to A&E to have more urgent causes ruled out, then was referred for an echo and 24 hours ECG which were both ok save slightly raised heart rate.

So I'm wondering if it was maybe AF again and something I need to follow up with my GP. The current ECG was done in A&E on Friday, I was sent to have a blood clot in my lung to be ruled out, which it thankfully was! I had a copy of the ECG to take back to a nurse so was being curious.


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An inverted to wave IS abnormal but can be a normal finding in a minority of cases.
You have been investigated and all predisposing underlying causes have been excluded.

If you are still concerned then see a Cardiologist.

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Thanks, that's good to know. I'll mention it to my GP, just to note it so we can monitor anything that needs monitoring or not.

Cardiology (on a phone appointment) said they didn't need to see me in clinic at the time, after the results of the echo and 24 hour ECG last year, so hopefully all is still well. I really could do without anything else going on!

I popped an update for you on my back pain thread :)
Thanks Eve, just read it.

Feedback appreciated.

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Ecg - Nonspecific T Wave Abnormality

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