Dislocated Elbow Still Swollen And Sore After 4 Weeks?

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crisgal | 11:03 Mon 10th May 2021 | Body & Soul
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Is this normal? It happened on 9th April. Kept totally still in a sling for 2 and a half weeks then told to sling while at work (secretary) and gentle exercises. The physio appointment was on the phone and don't have an actual one until next week. I have an mri to check ligaments tomorrow.
But the inside and outside of the joint is still swollen and sore. The underside forearm is very painful and I cant make a fist or straighten my fingers fully. When I try the hand exercises it feels like something pulls and locks in my fingers, palm and up inside of arm. Very painful. Thing is apart from the Dr at fracture clinic I haven't seen anyone and I don't know if I should see my gp to check all is as it should be. I don't even know what happens with the mri result or who will get them.


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I presume that you had it manipulated back into place under anaesthesia, local or general.

I presume you had a check X-ray after manipulated and seen at fracture clinic on first follow up.

I presume that you are taking pain killers for the pain.

Then, yes this is a normal or not unusual response and situation following one month after elbow trauma.

An MRI scan will identify any ligamentous damage and the results will be sent to your GP or next Fracture Clinic Appt.
it is pretty uncommon for doctors at the fracture clinic to get it wrong - that is what they are there for - to make sure the treatment quality is OK

soft tissue injuries may take longer to heal than bony

and you can ask for a copy of the report
( any cow crap like "that is above my pay grade ask someone else "- then write to the Chief exec and say it is your right and his operatives should know it) [ I did : he didnt like it ]
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Thank you both. yes I had a reduction in a and e about 5 hours after the fall with an xray to check bones were back in place. I don't have another appointment at the clinic so wasn't sure what happened next. I feel reassured if its normal sqad. Is it OK to do the exercises even if it hurts do you think? Do you think ice would help? I think it was perhaps complicated a bit as I didn't put my hands out when I fell ( a common cause of dislocation I believe) but I had my arm up in the Air, calling someone that they were needed on the phone. So the back point of my elbow hit the concrete first. I'm so lucky it didnt break- I'm certainly no lightweight!
All staff at a and e were amazing. Fracture clinic appointments seemed a bit rushed but they're very busy.
Yes, ice if it helps, continue the exercises as pain will allow.

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Dislocated Elbow Still Swollen And Sore After 4 Weeks?

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