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eve1974 | 17:05 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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Anyone done the drive thru test. How long did it take for ur results?


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Yes. Took test at 5pm. Results, by text, by 2pm next day. Can’t say exactly, as I wasn’t very well. However, they were not busy. Was given a card with a number to call if I hadn’t heard within 3 days.

I took test at 12:30pm on Sunday and got result by text at 05:20am on Tuesday. It doesn't usually take that long to be fair.
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And were either of u positive?
No. I didn’t think I would be. I’d had a temperature and was feeling pretty ill but with no other covid symptoms and, as I have a severe chest condition and am classed as extremely vulnerable, I assumed it was not covid, but couldn’t get through to speak to a doctor until I had proof I didn’t have it. On all the medical help lines temperature = covid and they don’t want to speak you. Sorry I took so long to answer.
Yes, Eve, I was. My isolation has now ended but I am still working from home. My husband and son get released on Friday ;-)

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Covid Drive Thru

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