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Sqad | 15:39 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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The discussion that we had about how to take fat and or water soluble vitamins.

It doesn't matter one iota whether they are taken with food or water as both types have to run the gauntlet of the acids,enzymes and other chemical challenges before they reach their absorption point........the small intestine.
The method of taking the tablets, big meal or glass of water is just a vehicle to get the medication past base one.


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Can I just ask- if it doesn't say to take a tablet with water - is it ok to take it dry , i.e. without water or any other liquid ?
Thanks for the clarification, sqad.
It's just the likes of ibuprofen that need to be taken after some sort of fatty food, to protect the stomach lining.
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Bailey.....yes, dry, with water, sqash, whatever.
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I've been called worse :-)
Can we take them with Bailey's??
Any excuse for a tipple...
That's interesting. Thanks sqad x I know some (like antidepressants) need something with sugar.

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