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Questions: A given ecosystem has the following amounts of energy available at each trophic level: Primary producers: 3,000 gC/m2/day; Primary consumers: 450 gC/m2/day; Secondary consumers: 45 gC/m2/day; Tertiary consumers: 2.25 gC/m2/day. Does this ecosystem follow Lindeman’s Law for ecological efficiency?
(Lindeman’s Law: Ten percent law of energy transfer in food chains was given by Reymond LIndeman. It is also called as Lindeman's trophic efficiency rule. According to this rule, the 10% of transfer of energy is transferred from one trophic level to the next successive trophic level.)

A) No, the average efficiency is 20%
B)Yes, the average efficiency is 20%
C)Yes, the average efficiency is 10%
D)No, the average efficiency is 10%


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I've no real idea but my guess is that, since 45 is 10% of 450 it's most likely to be C. (Although I've no idea about the 2.25 being only 5% of 45. Or 0.5% of 450 for that matter. Maybe it's too small a percentage to be relevant.)
me again
read your course material

no where in the q is average mentioned

[and practically speaking you look at each level and transfer
3000 goes to 450 to 45 to 3 and this is roughly but not average 10% transfer and easily accurate enough in hiological terms in real life

practically speaking you need to know whether the sq m of each level is the same - you arent told that - because if one is 100 sq m and the secnod level is 1 sq m then the transfer is nothing like 10%.

please give us all a rest and read your texts
Or learn carpentry ...........

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