Starting Routine Vaccinations In Powys On 1 Dec :-)

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RATTER15 | 18:59 Wed 25th Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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Im certainly getting mine, due to my work I will probable in the first batch to get done.


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I had said I would wait.... as it seems to all be quite quick. But, I think now, I probably will when it gets offered.
Strange, they have not even been approved yet.
Next week?
Covid ?
Are you sure?

have just googled it, doesn't appear to be any truth in it.
Ratter are you sure its not flu vac?
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Yes, its the flu jab Dammit!!!
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Yes Woof, I know!! lol
No vaccines have been approved.

A flu vaccine is not a Coronavirus vaccine.
Sunk. We know. Ratter knows.

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Starting Routine Vaccinations In Powys On 1 Dec :-)

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