Hi, I've Been Prescribed The Below Cream But It's Unlicensed

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Tamirra65 | 07:13 Tue 28th Jul 2020 | Body & Soul
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In the UK, does anybody know why it is??
glycopyrronium bromide "cetomacrogol" cream unlicensed in UK


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Glycopyrronium bromide is not Cetomacrogol.
Cetomacrogol is a trade name for polyethylene glycol hexadecyl, used as a moisturiser for conditions such as eczema. Glycopyrronium bromide is a medicine used to treat drooling in children.
...and, some medicines are licensed in other countries but not the UK...but may still be prescribed for you if a doctor thinks that it's the best option for treating your condition.
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I just wrote what it said on the pot, I just wondered why it hasn't been licenced here but it has in America. Strange
What exactly does it say on the label and who made the cream?

It should say on the label or a leaflet, what the cream is made from so what does it say?
and glycopyrrhonium is licensed

strange - no if you knew anything at all about licensing you would NOT find it strange.(*)

if you are in doubt at all about the safety in yourself or any little child - - dont take it
[ altho I am the first to confirm that Naomi has described my medical advice as inppropriate and dangerous ] I think it is sensible

(*) licensing authority in the Land of the Free are the FDA (foot draggers of America) . They were too idle to review the licence on Thalidomide in 1962 and so claimed credit for the next fifty years that they had saved the little babies of America from mutilation by the doctors.
( if you knew anything at all about licensing you would NOT find it strange
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There is no ingredients on the pot, it just has a label stating unlicensed and that the cream is out of date on 3rd Aug as it only lasts 3 month. They are trying to control cranium sweats and I'm trying this while they try to get funding for BOTOX injections and a referral to a London hospital for me
Take it back to the pharmacy that prescribed it and ask them the question. Neither glycopyrronium bromide nor cetomacrogol are used to control cranial sweats.
sorry that should be 'dispensed it'.
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That's probably the reason it isn't working
Who prescribed it and where did you get the cream from?
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The Dermatologist from my hosp, she had to get it from abroad and I had to pick it up from.the hospital pharmacy
It doesn't sound right to me. You could contact the dermatologist to ecplain exactly what the cream is, why it's not licensed here snd why she got it from abroad.

There should be a Patient advice and liaison services (PALS) at the hospital you can contact too. If you look here, you should be able you get their details.

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Hi, I've Been Prescribed The Below Cream But It's Unlicensed

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