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B12 And Malabsorption

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cassa333 | 13:30 Fri 15th May 2020 | Body & Soul
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As my usual internet search goes round in circles So can anyone help please?

If you have malabsorption issues and your body simply doesn’t absorb B12 will the government guidelines (because of Covid) on not giving B12 injections but giving you tablets instead actually work.

Surely the whole point of malabsorption is ... you don’t absorb it. Seems simple to me.

Anyway thank you.


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I had my B12 injection on 3rd April.
A female family member was told by her gp that she couldn’t currently have her B12 injection. However, if she started to experience any tingling in her fingers or toes then to get back in touch immediately and high doses of B12 tablets would be given.
She asked the same question as you, and was told that there is evidence that about 10% of the high dose tablets would be absorbed even if malabsorption was the problem, and that this would be sufficient.
I find it very puzzling that some surgeries are doing the jabs and some aren’t, doesn’t seem to make sense.
Have you enquired if the B12 spray would be of benefit to you Cassa?
I'm on strong tablets. They do work.
Question Author
I have in the past had iron infusion and triple strength tablets all to no avail.

TBH the injections only just work but it took about three years to be noticable.

How long should I give the tablets before I go back do you think?

I'm sure a spray would be better than tablets so might suggest that.
When should you have had your jab, and when did you start the tablets cassa?
Hubby having his 3-monthly injection in June, after reminding nurse about non-absorption issues.
Question Author
It was due this Tuesday but they only just got the prescription filled.

I told the nurse about the absorption issue and the tablets were a waste of time but she just said they will up the dose if it’s needed. Again I said it’s a waste but will take them to keep in the system. You just know if you don’t take them they don’t do anything else.

A friend had her injection last week (different area to me) and it’s so frustrating.

Part of the problem I think is I tend to put up with a lot and just ‘get used’ to the way I am feeling health wise. But this has really annoyed me.

How long should I take them before going back?
If it was me cassa, I’d make a telephone appointment with the GP and explain all that youve said here and see what the GP says. And I do it on Monday.
Nurses are great but the GP will have it in your notes I’d think, about the issues you’ve had previously. And will have the authority to perhaps do the jab, which the nurse doesn’t have.
These b12 jabs seem trivial with all that’s going on currently but a lack of b12, as I’m sure you know, can cause long term irreversible problems.
Good luck.
I’d also ask why some surgeries are doing the jabs and some aren’t. They obviously can be done so it’s a reasonable question.
I got mine with no argument at all
i think that it mst depend on the surgery. Cassa. you live near my parents (but probably not close enough to be the same surgery) and my mum had hers recently
It had always been thought that the malabsorption of certain vitamins ,particularly of vit B12 had to be given by Injection as the problem was due to a factor found in the intestinal wall was absent and was essential for the absorption of said vitamin. This has recently been found not always to be the cases and that large doses of the vit taken by mouth would perform admirably. This is particularly so with Pernicious anaemia.
Of course vitB12 is not the only deficiency with many malabsorption syndromes which have many causes.
If B12 is taken by mouth then one would have to take it for at least 3 months before a blood test would evuate its efficacy.
Question Author
Bednobs, I am between Portsmouth and Petersfield. Actually almost the same distance to my parents in Portsmouth as it is from me to Petersfield.

I know of someone locally who had an injection last week but not at my surgery.

That’s interesting Squad. However I have been given huge tablet doses and it didn’t move my numbers.

According to my Dr he once said that I’ve always had low iron and B12 and the gastric bypass has just exasperated it to extremely low levels that won’t replenish on their own.

Well cassa, if your B12 levels are still unsatisfactory despite large doses of B12 then I can see no reason why your GP should hold back on the injections.
That is if all the facts on your medical condition are to hand.

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B12 And Malabsorption

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