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margarettom | 12:08 Fri 03rd Apr 2020 | Body & Soul
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This is not a question, but information for other ABers. I have received a letter to sign up for the government register for the extremely vulnerable, which I have done. This may be coming your way sometime soon.


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Already had mine.
Received mine today. I rang the number to register and was asked (automated)to enter my NHS number which I did, only to be told they didn't recognise it! Was asked to try again and again I was told they didn't recognise it. Please phone back when you have this information and the phone goes dead.Where do you go from here?
I got a text from my practise about letters, but I don't think I'll be getting one. They just sent the text out to all.
If they know you're extremely vulnerable, why the need to 'phone to register the same fact?
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Barsel. I registered online. THECORBYLOON because it gives you access to certain things for which, the fact you are extremely vulnerable, needs to be officially recorded.
Barsl, isn't your NHS number on the top left of the letter you received?
What I mean is there must be a register of folk already for the letter to be sent to them.

I can understand a letter being sent to make folk aware of the register but not the need to register again.
It is danny , it's also on my prescription and my hospital letters. I double checked and tried again, but it won't accept it. I've just phoned PALS and they are going to look into it for me.
Corby, the form asks several relevant questions eg, are you being supported such as any special dietary requirements etc.
I seen from another link,

"The NHS has written to many of these individuals asking them to self-isolate and giving them instructions of how to register on a Government website if they need support getting essential food supplies"

It's not to register as being extremely vulnerable but to register a need for support in getting messages. That makes sense now.
In the letter is states ' The government is helping pharmacies to deliver prescriptions.' How?
Tesco pharmacy don't deliver and my local pharmacies are not taking on any new customers as they already have a backlog.
Barsel // to deliver prescriptions.' How?//
If you ring your local council they will arrange for someone to collect your prescriptions.
Tried that danny. They gave me the number of a local charity, I phoned them, No, sorry, we don't do that.
Tried your local AGE UK?
' The government is helping pharmacies to deliver prescriptions.' How?
by co-ordinating the people who have volunteered to do this stuff

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