Gone deaf in one ear - help!

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Hermia | 16:21 Thu 24th Nov 2005 | Body & Soul
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I'm just recovering from a grotty cold and have gone rather deaf in one ear (the other keeps popping). I am going to wait until the cold goes completely before I annoy my doctor. I do have problems with my sinuses and my ears seem to be clean so I assume the blockage is further down. I just wondered if there is anything I can do to speed things up as everyone is sick of me saying "pardon" all the time!


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well good old vick in hot water and sniff will help, even though it appears to be only in your ears, as will an antihistamine. If you have pain them sinutab, be careful it has paracetamol in, if no pain then piriton, or your usual antihistamine med. Usual disclaimer, not if you are allergic, check with doc if on other medications, do not exceed the stated dose, read the precautions, may cause drowsiness. If no change in 48 hours, discontinue and seek medical advice

Sometimes when you get a cold the middle ear fills up with fluid (it is connected to your nose/throat region by the eustachian tube) this can cause a mild temporary hearing loss which is a common symptom of the commomn cold - it should go away when the cold does - if it doesn't - then it is time to see your GP

You can get some tablets over the counter. I cannot recall the name of them. Go and ask the pharmacist and explain the deafness, I've had it a couple of times with bad colds and got given some tablets.

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Gone deaf in one ear - help!

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