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Cloverjo | 11:26 Sat 15th Feb 2020 | Body & Soul
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I’ve heard of ingrowing toenails of course, but I’ve got an ingrowing thumbnail. It’s horribly painful despite taking up a very tiny part of my body.
What can I do? I’ve got a gel and a tool to try to lift the nail. I’ve got a corn plaster on it. Not sure that’s a great idea. Will it grow out eventually?


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Try and get the nail as soft as possible, pack it with Vaseline overnight under a plaster. Next day try and lift the nail with your tool and see if you can snip off even a tiny bit with a nail clipper.
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Thanks, Aunt Polly. I’ll try that.
Make an appointment to see a podiatrist Clover, for fast and reliable solution, its best treated professionally.
Do podiatrists do Thumbs?
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Thanks, maydup. But would they do a thumbnail? Worth asking one, I guess. I’d rather deal with thumbs than toes, personally. I have to clip my husbands toenails and it makes me heave. I’ll ask.
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Forgot the apostrophe in ‘husband’s’.
Try to make a V cut in the centre, supposed to help draw the sides towards the V. It has worked for my toe!
This worked for me with toenails. Advice given by my GP.

Get a very small amount of cottonwool, dampen it and roll it into a tight ball . Then push it down under the edge of the offending nail with a cutical stick. Leave it there undisturbed until the nail has grown past the point where it will ingrow.
Clover...the advice from Apc is excellent and spot on. Not only does it work but in my experience the relief is instant and bliss!
Oh dear, I automatically read toe, not thumb! But there wouldnt be much difference for a professional I woukdnt imagine.
This is for toenails but should work with a thumbnail:-
The idea with the cotton wool thing is that the nail will be encouraged grow straighter. I haven't had any problems now for years. If I get the slightest hint that its happening I use the cotton wool.
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Thank you all. I’ll try the cotton wool, as well as the Vaseline.
Podurists do Toes and Fingers / thumbs !!
Please do get it seen to , it will NOT 'grow out' ,it will just get worse! DO NOT try to 'Do it Yourself ' You will almost certainly do a lot more harm than good !!

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Ingrowing Thumbnail

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