Anyonee Know Of A Health Forum Uk ?

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pumpjack | 14:39 Tue 04th Feb 2020 | Body & Soul
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some health issues that cant be talked about on here.

there was a health forum few years back but i cannot find it.

doctor takes ages to see, also want to hear from others regarding illnesses etc


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it might be useful if you told us the nature of your illness
would this link help you a little bit
Try a web search for the name of your condition, together with the word 'charity'. (You might also like to add 'uk' to that).

Once you've located the website of a relevant charity, look to see if they've got a link to a dedicated forum. (Most seem to have).
pumpjack; There are no taboo subjects on AB, we've had everything over the years :0)
Buenchico is right, I searched 'Gout UK Forum' and a couple of clicks found a few.


Do the same with whatever the issue is and good luck.
I think he might mean HIV which isn't out of bounds as far as I know.
Are you positive? ^
Nothing is really out of bounds but he may not want to discuss certain problems.

There are forums for almost everything now.

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Anyonee Know Of A Health Forum Uk ?

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