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Raised Toilet Seat Query

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cleoval | 17:55 Sat 04th May 2019 | Body & Soul
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Hi does anybody know why people buy raised toilet seats.? I am in my 60's and maybe they could be good. For me or for later.. .


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Some people have them because they make sitting and then standing that much easier. My wife had one when she had an artificial knee joint implanted, and she found it to be very helpful.
I have a raised toilet seat because I find it very difficult to get up from an ordinary one. It's a wonderful thing, and makes life very much easier for me. If I go to someone else's house, or use a public loo, I really struggle to get up off the toilet, unless there is something to get hold of to help me.
I was provided with one by the NHS after I had my hip replacement , it just clipped over the normal seat and so could be moved. It was dubbed Mother's Throne by my son. It was a godsend
They seem very useful for people that can't easily stand up, for any reason.
I've got one and it's brilliant! It was via social services, Occupational Therapy at the hospital arranged for them to come and do an assessment and that was one of the things provided, along with things like a slatted shower board which sits over the bath, so I can sit under the shower and it's much easier to get in and out. I also have a perch stool for the kitchen and other things. They really do help.
We had ours installed FOC by local council because of my wife's needs
They also funded wet room, that came to over £5000, just get your local councillor or maybe mayor involved.

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Raised Toilet Seat Query

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