God Bless Our Nhs

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Theland | 20:22 Sat 20th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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Since coming out of hospital, I have had visits from Community Nurse, Community Matron, Health Visistor, Occupational Therapist, and I have phone numbers for emergency, all to keep me healthy and out of hospital.
How humbling. How wonderful. God Bless the NHS.


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Hope your scan goes ok, think the email results back to doctor so you want get immediate result.
If they’re lucky they might even find a brain lol
You're right Tony.

smow they'll find my brain, but they'll have to take the wrapping off first. It's never been used! :o}
The nurses are the backbone of the NHS the problem is there are too many managers and admin staff draining it.
Not forgetting the smokers, alcoholics and the morbidly obese.
Totally agree Rockrose to many managers and no more Matrons running wards.
Rockrose I agree with you. Too many fat cats not enough nurses and sisters.
There are actually less managers now and Matrons do still run wards.

Admin staff are an absolute necessity. Doctor's would see far less patients if they had to do their own typing, chase results, list patients for MDT, minute their own meetings, do on-call rotas, etc. From Porters to Canteen Staff to Ward Clerks to Doctors and Nurses, everyone has their job in the NHS and are vital in maintaing its function.
That's good to see CG I agree. I think Gloucestershire NHS did a big sort out a few years ago. (That's just come to mind) and thinned out the admin staff to get more ward staff on the go. I can't swear to it, hence the brain scan today.
There are not enough admin staff, hence the amount of overtime thats given out now to try and cope with typing backlogs.

You wouldn't believe the volume of referrals, results and other paperwork we have to sift through daily. Each referral has to be graded either routine or urgent and each patient will have a breach date. Oftentimes I'll have a referral but no histology to accompany it so I'll have to chase the histology report and get the patient imaging (x-rays, CTs) electronically linked to our hospital in readiness for the patient's attendance to Clinic. I might then have to request molecular studies via our Histopathology department. If a patient has, say, a lung adenocarcinoma we need to know if there are any genetic mutations within the cancer which opens up other avenues in terms of more targeted therapies rather than just pumping cytotoxic chemotherapy into them.

To suggest admin staff are surplus to requirements is absolutely ludicrous.

Managers are a different story. The reason we have so many managers these days is because people are all-to-quick to sue the NHS.
CG I don't criticise the staff. I know how hard they do work. As I said, I can't find any fault whatsoever with the care and treatment Vera and I have had, and it my case having. i.e. today. But perhaps too many at the top getting enormous salaries.
WBM, it was the usual suspect having her little dig at me ;-)
I know! ;o}
You're one of the nicest people I know. xxx
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my experience with the NHS during dad's illness and passing is only good..from the cleaning ladies..the trolley dollies (as dad called them) nursing everyone was so kind and attentive.. the paramedics that attended with blues and twos regularly.. they all grew to become friends of a sort as we were with them so often...a few of whom actually attended dad's funeral... as CG says..everyone is a xog in a big wheel..and big wheels wont turn without that smallest of cogs... I am indebted to those whose paths I crossed throughout that long distressing period in my life
small cog ^^^
Very well put minty. I remember that time.

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God Bless Our Nhs

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