T911Offering A Cure For Tinnitus

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long2019 | 19:31 Fri 19th Apr 2019 | Body & Soul
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just had an email . offering a cure for tinnitus
its called.tinnitus 911.
money back guaranteed
anyone heard of it
maybe a scam


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I wouldn't respond to emails from companies i haven't heard of. If you need a cure for tinnitus I'd see your doctor first and he/she may suggest something suitable
my sister in law finds the ear phones useful
blimey I am amazed any were printed

I put in a review of how crip Amazon was - the fall thro to prime was irritating me as it takes £8 a month automatically until you notice and even then takes a few more
( have a nice day !! etc )
and it was machine edited
actuallly machine deleted - not suitable to publish
and never touched or read by human hand / eyes
and that was why, I thought, you never read a really crip review on Amazon
Tinnitus has many causes and each case needs evaluating by a Consultant E.N.T specialist.
There is no cure but tinnitus can be relieved depending upon the cause.
I see no reason why tinnitus 911 should be of any help.....just a bunch of supplements.
PP I haver written crip reviews on amazon and seen them posted

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T911Offering A Cure For Tinnitus

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