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jennyjoan | 01:14 Sat 09th Mar 2019 | Body & Soul
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you know Chris how you showed me my "special headphones" for my favourite programmes

Now that I have got the new ladies in the home -I would like to hear this programmes via the the headphones -

Undfortunately I couldnt afford the five headphones - is there anyway I could produce the morning andafternon music via the headphopnes in their ears individually. cos I do think they couod enjoy he music going right ihnto the their earholes -ie Sean Coyle and Hugh Duncaan I couldnt afford to buy them each iindividual; earphones.

Could you advise me anything cheaper - thank chearper. i cano offer 2 radios but couldn't afford the ear £50 eaphones - can you advise a cheaper way. thanks Chris


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You've left me a bit confused, tbh, Jennyjoan!

If there's no need for a wireless connection then simply using cheap earphones, plugged directly into a radio, would suffice. (You'd need separate radios though unless you used a splitter to share the output from one radio to two sets of earphones).

Discount stores sell cheap (wired) headphones, earphones and earbuds, typically for between £1 and £5. Some discount stores also sell splitters or you can buy them cheaply online:
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sorry for confusing you honey - think I confused my self. It was women's day yesterday and so I had a little beer.

One other theory is Alexis which my friend has and may try that.

if that worked I would buy that for them.
Do you mean you have two deaf ladies living with you, jenny?
Thanks, scorpio, but I'm none the wiser.

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