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fruitsalad | 22:00 Wed 06th Mar 2019 | Body & Soul
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If you were paying a cleaner to do one hours work, what would you expect to be done, in that hour


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one room, really well or whole house really poorly
really really poorly.
it would take me an hour just to hoover the whole house, an hour to clean the bathroom, and hour to clean the kitchen etc. if it's really messy, practically nothing
Depends on the state of the house to start with.

I employed a cleaner but my house was nice and tidy so she was employed for the small jobs.
My cleaning lady mops the floors and wooden stairs, cleans the loo, bathroom basin and shower, and does the odd bits of washing up that my husband would have left as he gets up and breakfasts earlier than me.
Impossible to say.
hoover the whole house and clean the surfaces
I asked my one and only cleaner to clean my windows. She did - but walloped and walloped.
Also a cleaner would never clean your house they way you would like it done - however they are great for hanging heavy curtains, valances, making beds, changing bedclothes - big things.

I haven't had a cleaner since my accident but definitely would consider having her back if I needed so.

TBH - can't bear anybody do any cleaning for me in my house - really can't bear it.

Not many cleaners will do less than 2 hours, not worth their while.
Just out of curiosity roughly what is the average hourly rate these days for house cleaner

This is from 3 years ago but it provides a good guide:
(That's the first of 8 pages. To save you some reading, I'll tell you that 'between £8 and £12 per hour' seemed to be the answer in 2016 but with some people paying £15 if the cleaner had to attend for just a single hour).
Thanks for that.
I didn't know their rate was that.
I had thought it would be a bit lower.
May need to engage one myself soon.
Via an cleaning agency £27 for 2 hours, . A private cleaner £10 approx. Will do an hour at a time .
I'd have a chat with your cleaner in advance - say what you think can reasonably be expected to be done in one hour - starting from the tasks most important to you, and working down the list.

As advised, the more thoroughly you want any one task to be completed, the longer it is going to take.

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