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fruitsalad | 12:54 Mon 15th Oct 2018 | Body & Soul
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Can you still have the flu jab, if you are getting over a cold, and have been left with a bit of a cough


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My wife had a cold so she rang the surgery and was told that it was OK so long as she didn't have a fever. She had the jab with no problems.
The guidance in the UK is that it is fine to have the flu jab if you have any sort of cold, but only if you do not have a fever.
However, many doctors avoid administering the flu vaccine in these situations, asking patients to return after they have made a full recovery.
Vaccines challenge the body's immune system, putting it under stress. My opinion is that, if you choose to have the flu jab, it is better done when you are well, rather than when fighting an infection.
Rarely, symptoms of flu can arise after the flu jab and this could make it seem that your head cold has become worse, or that you take longer to recover.
Waiting another week would probably be advisable.
I'd be a bit careful if you are over 65 and getting the new adjuvant one. I normally get a very mild reaction, this year it knocked me on my back for 4 days and I took another 4 or so to recover. I think such a reaction is uncommon, but I know a couple of other people who have had it. I still think its miles better than getting flu, will still be getting my vac next year, but if you are not feeling completely well, I would give it a few days.

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