Ear Infection - Hearing Loss

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Eve | 08:24 Sun 17th Jun 2018 | Body & Soul
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Morning. I started with a bad head cold a fortinight ago tomorrow. It went on my chest and is still not completely cleared up now. Mainly just the grotty tail end, though I think that hayfever may also be contributing.

A week ago my ear started going really weird, though not unusual with Meniere's Disease and there was some stormy like weather, which can send them a bit loopy. It's my worse ear that I have a T Tube grommet in.

Late afternoon, last Sunday, the hearing in that ear shut off and hasn't come back since. It's not complete hearing loss but I can't hear very much at all and what I can is very muffled. My ear is also full of pressure and ringing, like it's underwater. I've also had yellow discharge from the ear. It feels on and off like there is fluid in it.

I saw a GP last Monday who gave me five days worth of Amoxycillin, which I finished yesterday. I'm on immunosuppressants for RA but have missed the last couple of injections with the cold then this.

I wondered how long roughly should it take for my hearing to come back in that ear? I'm not sure if the Meniere's Disease also complicates matters. If it means the infection has likely not cleared up, I can ring the doctors tomorrow. But, I don't want to bother them if it's just one of those things where I just need to be patient.


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Sounds nasty, Sqad will be along soon, my hearing is always affected with a bad cold...
You have an ear infection and the S-G tube is blocked by "gunk."
You need antibiotics, but not by mouth, but as ear drops. e.g Gentisone H.C.
In the meantime, you can try holding your nose and forcibly exhaling through your blocked nose which might unblock the tube.
I am not sure if you can get the aforementioned drops OTC.
I wonder if the grommet is still working? I thought this build-up of pressure was what they are supposed to prevent.

I'd be calling the doctor tomorrow regardless.
ah, you got a proper answer while I was typing
my ear gunk is recurring.. as it sticks and pulls apart it can be painful... ouchy ouch !
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Thank you for all your answers. I really appreciate it. I don't think the grommet is blocked, not fully anyway. When I do the nose blowing thing air does come through it.

It was blocked but a bit of wax going back around early May. I was seeing ENT anyway and she said to use olive oil drops, as if she tried to take it out then it might pull the grommet out with it, so I did that. When my grommet was blocked then, no air would come through when I did the nose blowing thing.

That said, it has been sounding different from usual. A lot louder and weirder noises. I'm not sure if you can get the drops over the counter later, I'll check. Would these still be ok to use if the grommet isn't blocked?

I will get it checked jno. It's driving me mad, it's a bit disorientating and makes having conversations difficult.
The yellow discharge is infection and coming through the S-G tube otherwise, how would it get out of the middle ear?
it is this that is blocking the tube.
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Ahh, this is why I needed your advice haha! I think my common sense is off hiding somewhere with my hearing.... :)

It doesn't look like you can get those drops over the counter so, if things haven't resolved by tomorrow morning, I'll give the doctors a ring.
I remember the days when we were told to put hydrogen peroxide in our ears to clear the wax that was blocking a grommet. I bet that doesn't happen anymore..
237.....Oh! yes it does, an excellent method,particularly supported by a certain Mr Sqad.
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Sorry, meant to update yesterday but was a very long day and late doctor's appointment so came home, had tea and headed to bed.

GP has given me Otomize spray. I said what you had recommended but she said she was giving me something different. She said it won't help my hearing (sob) but will calm things down in my ear. She said to ring ENT to try and get them to see me about the hearing issue but I'm having difficulty trying to get to speak to someone as my consultant's secretary is off for a while.

I'm hoping that my hearing will just come back as my ear settles down. It does feel a bit less irritated with the spray at least. Had a bit of a panic when I was getting a horrible taste in my mouth after using it and was worried it was travelling through the tube and wasn't sure if that was ok or not. Rang to double check it was ok this morning and they said it was and to try angling the nozzle down a bit as that will keep it away from the grommet.

So my ear's a bit crazy rice krispies and ringing but the pressure doesn't seem to have been as bad today. I keep hearing this strange far away music though on and off, it's weird, like my ears are playing tricks on me.
Otomize and Gentisone HC are basically the same.....antibiotic plus a steroid.
If the S-G tube is open, which we know it is, then the drops will go through into the middle ear down the Eustachian tube and into your mouth. No big deal.
This will patient.
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Ear Infection - Hearing Loss

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