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Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

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Spungle | 20:27 Thu 05th Apr 2018 | Body & Soul
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Someone else asked this question on another thread earlier, but it is such a striking question I believe it merits it's own post.

Why, indeed, do ghosts wear clothes? If there was any logic to the assumption that ghosts are departed spirits from people who have died, surely there wouldn't be clothes. Or would there? Has anyone on here seen a naked ghost?


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EEK ! lol...
Then eternity doesn't bode well for those indulging in naughty things and expiring as a result.
They usually appear in the clothes they died in.
Just seen ketrin's post. I agree.
The way to go OG! :o}
You lot have just destroyed my childhood memories.

Casper the friendly ghost didn't wear clothes.

Are you all insinuating he wasn't real??
oz, as if we would! ;o}
Since we are referring to things spiritual appearing to those who are physical then choice of appearance is a very reasonable conjecture. The only things that are ridiculous in recent posts are the claim that such is ridiculous, and the attempt to steer a conversation to ridiculous extremes in order to mock. If that is all one has one ought not contribute to serious discussion.

I shall contemplate ghosts apparel and their right to choosing whatever clothing suits the moment.

After all, ghosts have the right to be fashion conscience too.
In the same light as do they wear clothes question - why do they bother to come down stairs? If they can walk through walls why dont they fall through the floor?
Unaffected by gravity ?
could be OG - or the reason people dont see them is they are all down in the cellar moaning about gravity.
And getting smashed on the plonk stored in the cellar.

Perfect for a Pub ghost.
Kromo - "Oh come on, at what point does this become too silly to believe in?"

The point where somebody says they've seen a ghost.
//What exactly are the limits on this glorious magic?//

It wouldn’t be “glorious magic” in the spirit world, it would be the normal

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Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

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