Spinal Decompression

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bentaxle | 20:40 Sat 17th Feb 2018 | Body & Soul
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I've been offered a decompression operation for Severe Spinal Stenosis with Grade 1 Slip
but at 86 yrs I'm not sure whether to have it or I can stand it having read all the thing's that can go wrong on the form they gave me after having the MRI and Flexion x-rays, or just carry on with the strong pain tablets and remain house bound
They also tell me its a two day job and home you go which doesn't seem bad if true
I wonder if anybody has had the op or know anything about it


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Some information here:

If you go for it you'll then have to change your AB username to Straightaxle ;-)
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That's true Buenchico never thought of that
Thanks for your time
all the best

I'm scared to death of a spinal op. as well - having read all the caveats and 'things that can go wrong' in my surgeon's letter of assessment. I can only wish you good luck, whichever course you pursue.

Sqad may be able to help.
Don't know about the other procedures bur I have had a laminectomy which involved lying on my back for a month after the operation.I no have pain from scar tissue resulting from the op.Before you decide get as much information as you can from your consultant.
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Thank you both for your comments I'll let you know how it all turns out if at all

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Spinal Decompression

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