Numbness In My Foot Following Spinal Decompression Surgery

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hellywelly4 | 19:00 Fri 14th Dec 2012 | Body & Soul
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I had my spinal op last Saturday (8th Dec) and was allowed home on Monday 10th. I'm wearing the white elastic stockings and took them off to have a shower this morning. I noticed that my right foot is numb - the smallest 3 toes and along the outside of my foot. Is it because I haven't taken the stockings off before except when a friend changed them for me on Tuesday?
My foot felt strange while the stockings were on but I took it to be that they are tight and compressing my foot.
I'm rather paranoid about clots, and hope this isn't a symptom.


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First things first....thes are not the symptoms of a "clot" assured.

It is difficult to say whether your symptoms are a result of your spinal decompression or pressure due to your elastic stockings, but i would assume the former.

In either case it is early days, no need for concern, but just monitor the situation over the weekend.
just like squab says.. not symptoms of a clot ... :) .... I have had spinal ops & honestly ... give it time, the body cannot mend as fast as the mind wishes it !! :) all the best
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Thank you both - very reassuring. The hospital and surgeon were wonderful, and I certainly do feel so much better, the original pain has gone altogether, so an operation to be recommended!!

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Numbness In My Foot Following Spinal Decompression Surgery

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