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Can't Eat Properly After Food Poisoning

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tezmand | 19:47 Thu 04th Jan 2018 | Body & Soul
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Hi guys happy New year , hoping squad can help me , been ill with that nasty virus doing the rounds , had severe ch,est infection etc, anyway as Xmas was spoilt by illness went out for meal Saturday, meal was beautiful, But within 4 hrs of eating it was being violently sick and diahorria , don't know if it was linked to visus or was food poisoning , either way since saturday I am unable to really eat properly, feel,hungry stomach rumbles but if I eat i feel sick and it feels like its not going down , stomach sore around where the ribcage ends also feel like something in throat , any ideas ??


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It could be anxiety. Maybe you're worried about being ill again, and you've got some constriction in your oesophagus.

can you swallow stuff like milk?
was like that for nearly 3 weeks over Christmas and new year too...couldn't keep anything down, with flu like symptoms...loads of fluids and time....
Could "being violently sick" have strained both your throat and stomach muscles?
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I can swallow but it feels like its not gone down and hours later I'm still tasting what I've tried to eat
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And it just leaves me feeling sick
You probably feel like the food is not going down because your stomach is irritated by the food poisoning.
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Cloverjo constriction in oesophagus sounds ominous what would you do to get rid of that
Oh! dear........sudden onset and lasting 4-5 days sounds like food poisoning rather than viral.

it may well take over the weekend to settle.......sip ice cubs, drink as much fluid you can e.g Pepsi which is flat and eat a little of what you fancy. if the situation deteriorates or you develop a temperature or blood in you stools, seek medical atttention
It will settle...give it time....4-5 days more.
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So guys you think time will heal ? Thanks for your speedy answers helps talking bout it
We had the same sort of bug Minty had, felt appalling, violently sick, feverish lethargic and generally nasty feeling when trying to eat afterwards, so could just be that.
Constriction in throat is typical of anxiety. Like the "lump in throat" sensation.
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Cheers squad
Not as bad as it sounds. It might feel as if you've got a lump in your throat, or a small blockage half way down, but it's not a physical thing. anxiety can bring it on.

Maybe try not to worry too much about it. Eat a little when you feel able, perhaps just a cuppa soup. It will pass.
I have had this - started Sunday and by today still a bit gloopy

I am waiting and seeing and surviving on tea/ lemon and small bits of toast and honey.

my brother is very keen not to reintroduce milk products before things get right. cd be a fad

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Can't Eat Properly After Food Poisoning

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