What Can These Symptoms Be?!

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Rhian92 | 19:31 Mon 11th Sep 2017 | Body & Soul
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Hi all.
To give you some background & as you'll be able to see from my profile I had an abortion almost 3 years ago. It was traumatic & I didn't want to run the risk of any further unwanted pregnancy so after the procedure I went on the depo privera injection. I stayed on that until last year whereby I had my last shot in December. I had no side effects other than my periods stopping & at my age it just doesn't feel right to stop natures flow! So I didn't get a top up injection. I haven't had a period since stopping. I had unprotected sexual intercourse with someone I'd been seeing, I got the morning after pill just over 24 hours later. This was 4 weeks ago. After this, I decided to go back on the pill. I did the 21 days no side effects other than some abdomen pain. I had my 7 day break nothing happened. Started the pilll back up again & got some brown stringy blood type substance. Put this down to old blood with me not having a period? Since this, I've had stomach pains, sore boobs, diahorrea, pain after urinating & quite strong nausea most days lasting sometimes an hour to all day. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests Last week all negative. I did go to the doctors & got blood tests taken. I've never had side effects to contraception before & ive had different forms/brands. Anybody experienced similar? Sorry for long post


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sounds like too many hormones to me. Might still have some injection in you, plus MOP plus normal pill
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That's what I'm thinking. Don't really want to come off the pill but I may have to temporarily
After stopping Depo injections, it can take a year to come back into fertility.

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^ Don't be so insensitive. If you have nothing constructive to say then it might be best if you say nothing at all
"Anybody experienced similar? "

I am sure that they have, as they could all be ascribed to taking the contraceptive pill (hormonal as the ladies said).
I doubt very much, that you are pregnant.
Very much doubt you're pregnant.

I agree with bednobs...too many hormones in you system.

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What Can These Symptoms Be?!

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