Ibuprofen Etc Causing Heart Problems?

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Ann | 09:47 Wed 10th May 2017 | Body & Soul
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Would be interested to hear Sqad's views on this article and whether it is right to be concerned - or it may not be official research just media speculation? Thanks Sqad or anyone else qualified .............


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I wondered when this would come on AB...;-)
This was research by a reputable unit published in a reputable journal and needs to be taken as serious an accurate research.
My PERSONAL take on this:
This is all about non-steroidal anti anflammatories e.g Ibuprofen and Diclofenac .....less common other drugs e'g Naproxen.
If you take the drug, not more than 1,200 mgms a day (6*200mgm tablets) for no more than a week, then there is no problem.
Also, to put it in perspective.....100 people who are taking NSAID.s for a long period of time (over one week,) there is only a 1% chance of having a heart attack attributable to Nsaids.

Noe here is my bottom line.....if you have pain and it is only relieved by Ibuprofen, then the very slight risk is worth it e.g rheumatoid arthritis,lupus and Osteo-arthritis as after all Nsaids are PAIN KILLERS. If other analgesics do the job .i.e Paracetamol then use that as a first choice, but if it doesn't work and despite the research, then take Nsaids at whichever dose relieves your pain.
That is my personal opinion.
Tricky isn't it sqad - if pain is disabling you, then you need to weigh up the pros/cons of your chosen analgesic - there's very rarely a completely 'free ride' with medication.

My personal take on this :

I have (very) occasional back spasms or knee problems which can pretty much render me immobile for a few days if I don't take analgesics.

I try with otc dose co-codamol - if that doesn't work I reach for the Etoricoxib (Arcoxia) which is a powerful NSAID. I mitigate the digestive tract effects by taking a PPI first and rarely need to take for more than four or five days. I've had the risks carefully explained by my GP and am willing to take them for 'quality of life' to be restored.

dave...a well written post to which i entirely agree.
I'm on a regular dose of ibuprofen, 1,200mg a day and have been taking that for a while now.
Can I go on taking this indefinitely? I have osteoarthritis.
Ellena, the choice is yours.......can you live with the pain or can't you?
If you are prepared to live with pain then stop taking Ibuprofen.
If you can't or would prefer not to then the dose that you are taking for a prolonged period of time would be at best, unlikely to affect your heart and at worst have a less than 1% chance of them doing any heart damage.
Again....your choice.
Is Ibuprofen Gel OK to use on Ankle Joints.?
Luvely jubbley, I'll carry on taking them then! Thanks for that.
Gel is fine if it works.........then carry on ad infinitum.
Thank You,Sqad.
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Many thanks to you all - interesting facts.

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Ibuprofen Etc Causing Heart Problems?

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