Really Sore Throat

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silliemillie | 04:02 Sun 13th Nov 2016 | Body & Soul
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I'm not usually one to make a fuss but I'm sitting up in bed because my throat is so sore that I can't even swallow. It feels like red hot pokers.

I already take painkillers including Tramadol for my others conditions and have been sucking on Strepcils but nothing has worked.

What can I do? I will ring Drs on Monday but don't think I can get through another day and would they take me seriously anyway?

They will probably tell me to dose myself up on Paracetamol but I've already done that, can't bear it any more. They always make me feel as if I'm wasting their time.


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Gargle with warm salty water and eat ice cream or suck an ice lolly or ice cube
Apart from your bad throat do you feel ill generally e.g have you got a temperature and feel "fluey?" Is so, then I would seek medical attention today, either GP or A&E. If it is just the throat that is causing the problem and you feel not too bad in yourself, then continue with the painkillers and Strepsils for another 48 hours. Drink plenty and try sucking ice cubes.
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Thanks for your replies. Sqad, yes I do feel awful, very flu like. I've had the flu jab already a few weeks ago.
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You used to be able to get Tyrosets - like sweets, to suck, which completely numbed the area they touched. Worked for me for sore throats, and I have had some humdingers in the past - like trying to swallow flaming barbed barrels. Before that there was a spray called Tyrospray, which you sprayed down your throat to numb it. That helped me get through a vital oral exam. But that was years ago - maybe such preparations are no longer available. Shame, if so.
Hope you are feeling better today sillimillie. Sounds like
Tonisiltis to me. I have had that a few times and you will need antibiotics if so.
If you can take paracetamol, get some soluble, dissolve, gargle with it then swallow. Tip given by GP many moons ago, always makes a big difference.
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions, think I'll give Drs a call tomorrow.
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Just a quick update, went to Drs, it was tonsillitis so got antibiotics, hopefully will feel better soon.
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Really Sore Throat

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