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Purple_Popple | 13:30 Wed 06th Jul 2016 | Body & Soul
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Hi...well my sister is still recovering but has now been told the biopsy they took was no good...therefore they have said the tumour is upgradeable. They won't give radiotherapy or chemo. They are just monitoring her. My sister is now in limbo. Should she ask for a second opinion as we need to know a prognosis...basically she has been left with no hope about her future.


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A bit unsatisfactory.

Is it a meningioma or not........if it is, then her prognosis is excellent and would not need radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Upgradeable? What doe this mean? Does it mean that it may not be a meningioma? I would have a word with the consultant neurosurgeon for an explanation of the meaning of "upgradeable" and also ask what he means by the biopsy was "no good."

Very unsatisfactory state of affairs, but no, at this stage i wouldn't seek a second opinion.
Further thoughts:

Perhaps a second opinion on the biopsy might be a good idea, but I don't like the idea of a "wait and see" approach to your sister's case.
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My apologies Squad...that was meant to read 'ungradeable' but I thank you for your response...that does help.
Ah...possibly the histology was unclear.
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The biopsy they took was 'mushy' and therefore was not fit for testing...pity they didiot look at the consistency prior to the end of her op. They could have taken another sample which would have been viable perhaps. Could they do keyhole surgery on her to obtain another biopsy to test again but less invasive maybe?
That will be a decision made at MDT (Multi Disciplinary Team) but yes, it's feasible.
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Thank you NoM for your input. :)
\\\\Could they do keyhole surgery on her to obtain another biopsy to test again but less invasive maybe?\\\

Depending upon the site of the tumour...yes they could and that may well be the answer. However as a "wait and see" policy has been adopted, it may well be in a difficult position for safe "needle biopsy" and only the medical staff or MDT (as NoM sugested) could give you that answer.
If she were going for chemo they'd almost definitely need to biopsy her again as certain cancers behave differently and some drugs are funded by the CDF for certain cancers but not for others.

For instance a person with adenocarcinoma of the lung would be eligible for certain treatments but not if they have squamous cell lung cancer.

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