Thyroxine - Contraindication?

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ruthandsam | 19:15 Tue 29th Jul 2014 | Body & Soul
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I'm taking a high does of Quetiapine and a SSRI. When I was prescribed a starting dose of 50 mg of thyroxine, I experienced full blown mania for 4 weeks (which was rather pleasant for me but not for my family). Following this my mood dipped and I ended up with severe depression. Subsequently my Q and SSRI doses were increased.

As my blood tests are due again for hypothyroidism I'm anxious that these mood disorder will rear it's ugly head again if thyroxine increased.

Has anyone else experienced an adverse reaction when taking thyroxine alongside other meds?

According to the Psychiatrist there is no evidence to suggest that this reaction would happen, however, I think it is stated that possibly if taking tricyclics. Why the hell did it happen to me then?

Many thanks.


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ruthandsam, sorry, to answer your question, no adverse reactions with other meds that I know of .
Me too Elina, I could sleep for 18 hours if I didn't force myself to get up. I've tried having massive snoozy days but it doesn't seem to help recharge my batteries at all and I end up with my life flying by whilst I'm asleep so I force myself to do with 8 hours now and a cat nap if I'm absolutely dying by afternoon.
Yes sorry ruthandSam hijacked your thread a bit xx
Sounds like my routine kval, an afternoon kip is essential x
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No problems with hijacking my thread!

Never had hypothyroidism before taking Q. Does make me wonder if they could be the 'cause' of it. No history in family either. Could it be an age thing?

I know I have to have my bloods taken in case of diabetes. Apparently, Q has been known to 'kick start' diabetes. Sorry about lack of med terminology, brain fog!
\\\\Never had hypothyroidism before taking Q. Does make me wonder if they could be the 'cause' of it. No history in family either. Could it be an age thing? \\\\

The docs would certainly have done your blood thyroid hormones before diagnosing your depressive illness.

Yes hypothyroidism tends to be "age related."
Long history in mine ruth, mum has thyroid, my gran had a goitre.
My brother was recently diagnosed with auto immune 'limbic encephelitis' ... He had a short blip with his thyroid & dramatically lost weight then was stablised
He's 60 by the way.
Don't mess around, if you are hypo. Don't want to sound extremist but failure to take levothyroxine to balance your iodine is risky, ultimately in your exposure to strikes and heart attacks.
^^^^ im sorry. I know it's not really funny but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In what way Anne?

\\\\ultimately in your exposure to strikes and heart attacks.\\ DT's post.

"Strikes."....that was what anne was alluding to.
Still non the wiser sqad ;0)
Elina.......DT meant "STROKES".............(sqad holds his head in his hands)
LOL! :0)
;-)......rather smart of young asquith to pick it up.
Well my passport still hasn't turned up so he might have meant 'strikes' ;-) xxx
well, im sorry. it made me giggle :)

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Thyroxine - Contraindication?

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