Advice Needed Please. May Have Just Had My First Migraine

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Filbert | 13:26 Mon 02nd Jun 2014 | Body & Soul
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Hello all, this is taking me ages to type. I am a 40 year-old female and I think I may have just experienced my first migraine but am unsure as having never had one before I'm not sure of the symptoms and google is dangerous for medical stuff!
Friday evening whilst eating I started to feel unwell, I thought it might have been just stress or tiredness (I teach 4-year-olds), but then I was up until 7am continuously vomiting. Next thought was a bug, working with kids its inevitable. Saturday I couldn't move or eat, Sunday I had the most tremendous headache and neckache. I don't usually suffer with headaches unless a storm is coming and I've never experienced such pain in my life. Today my head and neck still ache a lot and am still feeling a little nauseous. I got sent home from my work and my friends said it's probably a migraine and to rest.
Is this a migraine? TIA


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No disrespect but no one on this site can actually answer that.
Yes, it certainly sounds like migraine....a particular type known as vertebrobasilar migraine.

Monitor the situation.
Ummmm is quite correct but for what it's worth I didn't think migraines went on for that long. I have had norovirus twice though and both times the sickness only lasted the first night but I couldn't get out of bed for 3 days after because of tiredness, fever and aching so I'd have thought the bug was more likely - just my completely unprofessional opinion.
And look I'm probably wrong....
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Thanks Sqad. I will do. I suppose I'm lucky that I've never really suffered with headaches or anything till this. Hopefully it's a one-off.
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Thanks Prudie too, your answer didn't come up till I posted.
I'm hoping it's just stress that caused it.
When I had a migraine, I also had tingling in my fingers, sensitivity to light and zigzags in vision. "Classic " migraines can last 2-3 days. Hope you feel better soon.
It sounds more like the headache was secondary to the vomiting issue. If you couldn't eat then you may well have been dehydrated, dehydration causes horrible headaches.
Promise us all that if you still feel unwell tomorrow, then you will see your doctor. Don't take chances with your health.
My sister suffers badly with migraine, she has to lay down in a darkened room, she feels nauseous and it takes a day or two before she is back to herself. On the other hand I have suffered what doctors have said are migraines, with me it is a blank spot in my vision which widens and black and white zig-zag geometric patterns appear usually starting in one eye and then the other distorting my vision. I have no pain but generally feel tired and sometimes tense. People differ with symptoms I would check it out with your doctor.
It might be migraine, or it might not.
In view of the fact that the headache was unusually severe, and you have neck symptoms, you really need to be examined by your doctor to see if you have any neck stiffness etc.
My advice would be to see your GP.

ummmm is quite right. Consult a qualified doctor, not internet quacks (how ever good their intentions) or "friends".
Filbert.....Are you better ?
I want to teach 4 year old too. Is this in Year 1 of primary school or is it nursery school?
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Hello all, Thanks for all your help. I felt better the next day and by the next evening it had completely disappeared. I hope it never happens again or I'm straight to the docs.
Glad you feel better!
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Advice Needed Please. May Have Just Had My First Migraine

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