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emmie | 18:55 Fri 09th May 2014 | Body & Soul
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if a person went undiagnosed when overweight, due to not being tested, would diabetes show up in fasting test, blood test being considerably lighter. may seem a strange question, but any thoughts would be useful -


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Say it simple terms.
yes a fasting blood glucose if it is raised, is a good indicator of diabetes.

- which is what you asked, wasnt it, as you said he hadnt been tested before.
Question Author
a year ago i was overweight, which has been swinging back and forth for quite a while, around that time i was getting the
sharp stabbing sensations in the buttocks, and nagging pain in the coccyx area, underside of feet, which has got worse.
if i didn't do a blood and fasting test a year ago when this started, would it show up now i am considerably lighter.

not sure can explain this any better.

Question Author
the neurologist said that everything i presented with indicated diabetes,
but this small peripheral neuropathy that i have been told is what causes the nerve damage can also be product of undiagnosed diabetes.
one thing is that i ended up in hospital earlier this week with severe gastric problems, likely caused by the naproxen i was given.
Interesting.........I don't know.

If you had had type 2 diabetes a year ago but you were not tested and you dieted and lost weight over the last year, a fasting blood sugar may well be normal.........i.e you had cured your diabetes.

However as PP has said a raised blood sugar now would confirm the diagnosis.
Question Author
i didn't diet, the weight has been dropping off,
P.S Peripheral neuropathy is a complication of long standing, poorly controlled diabetes.........and you do not fit that bill.
Question Author
the electrical sharp stabbing sensations are the worse because they happen any time, and so far no one has come up with a definitive answer,
i have a theory, but have to speak with the neurologist, which isn't going to be easy, ii have left one message already.
Oh no I have been taking Naproxen for the past few weeks, I thought this was safe to take !
Question Author
if so why did the registrar neurologist put it forward as an explanation,
i have been in distress over this because there hasn't been a way to shut it off, not without high doses of medicines, like Gabapentin, Pregabalin
the first made the room spin continuously, and slur words.
Naproxen has side effects, but so does anything.
Thanks for the link jno
Question Author
i took it and 30 minutes later i was doubled over in agony, i don't tolerate meds well at all, can't take co codamol, it could also have been the co drydomol which was prescribed for pain relief.
they irritate my gut completely, i haven't experienced pain like that since i had pancreatitis
Question Author
sqad from jno link

this is what happened

difficult or labored breathing
feeling of indigestion,

pain in the chest below the breastbone
shortness of breath
Question Author
having been violently sick several weeks ago taking doxcyline i am not inclined to take much at all
emmie...i am getting confused.

You started the thread about undiagnosed diabetes and now we have got to the side effects of naproxen.
cone on, Sqad, even in the old days people had more than one ailment at a time! I myself have 347 on a good day.
Question Author
sqad, sorry to confuse you, i only wondered if being overweight a year back
i could have had an undiagnosed diabetes, as i wasn't tested when i went for back, leg pain tests.
the sickness seems to come from certain medicines, irritating the gut.
As stated before dad takes amitriptyline for diabetic peripheral neuropathy in feet...doesn't take symptoms away completely , but helps at night...
It will only show if you are diabetic now. They can measure your readings over the last three months, but i don't think they can tell you any further back than that. (if I'm understanding your question).

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