Question: What factors contribute to Oxygen Capacity

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Blinky | 11:53 Wed 06th Jul 2005 | Body & Soul
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a)Gender b)Age c) Altitude d) all of the options
This is for a quiz, but it's related to body and soul so i though i'd post it here....

If anyone knows please help!


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Not really sure what you mean by "oxygen capacity", but if you mean something along the lines of "lung capacity" or "respiratory volume", then the answer would be d) all of the options.

Men have larger lungs and hence greater lung capacity than women. Adults lungs are larger than childrens and at ambient pressure, lungs at higher altitude have slightly increased volume than at sea level ( a person born and living at sea level has smaller lung capacity that someone born and living at high altitude, who needs a larger surface area to process the lower concentration of oxygen in the air).

Hope this answers your question

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Thankyou - Somebody put down Altitude in the end as we had to hand it in by 2pm! Looks like we might have lost a point then!
Thanks for your response anyway :)

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Question: What factors contribute to Oxygen Capacity

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