After Cataract Furgery

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cupotee | 11:30 Mon 25th Feb 2013 | Body & Soul
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I had my cataract surgery on Saturday that went ok. I have done exactly as instructed but my eye sight is worse than it was before the op?

Yes everything is lighter but my vision is far worse than it was previous. I am instructed not to wear my specs for even the un operated eye[that will be done sometime later] mean time its like looking through a frosted glass window.

Having read several online reports working close to the screen its not all making sense.

Has anyone else had this experience please?


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Blurry vision for a few days is a common side effect:
Also, as that page states, some people need to get new reading glasses after the surgery.

My brother had surgery a few years ago-and I know it took a while for his eyesight to settle down. It's only been 2 days-give it time. If you are worried,have a word with your consultant.
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Thanku both. I have now spoken to the surgeons secretary who suggests in not unusual to have blurred vision at this stage bearing in mind the amount of work that's been done and still having 2 lots of drops 4 times a day.

Listening to other peoples experiences I had expected the cover to come off with perfect vision. As I said on another post the surgeon expects I won'r need specs after both eyes are done. Even after wearing specs for 65 years, cataract surgery has come this far he tells me.


Cataract surgery and lens replacement won't correct astigmatism... If you also have astigmatism, it can be corrected by corneal surgery of Lasik treatment after the cataract surgery is completely healed...
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Thanku clanad.

I didn't know that!!

I do have an astigmatism but its not been mentioned by the consultant. Something I must write down to remember to ask at my next appointment.
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Well done jordyboy, that's good to hear.

Hope I can say the same in due course

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After Cataract Furgery

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