LSD longterm effects

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monodge | 12:39 Wed 22nd Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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My friend, unknowingly, took LSD in the form of "chocolate cake" when in Amsterdam 18months ago and has subsequently heard that LSD remains in the body forever sitting at the base of one's spine.

First of all, is this true?Does LSD stay at the bottom of one's spine?

Secondly, would this ever have a negative reaction with an epi-dural as this is also injected into the base of the spine?



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According to this link:

'Several urban legends claim that flashbacks are the result of trace amounts of LSD or related chemicals being dislodged and released into the body after having been crystallized and stored in fat or spinal fluid cells. However, scientific research has disproven this conjecture; LSD (which is water soluble) is metabolized in the liver, as with many other drugs, and its metabolites are excreted normally in the urine


And just for the record, epidurals are not inserted into the base of the spine!
are you sure your friend had lsd in a cake in amsterdam. seems like a strange way to deliver the drug and one i have not heard of before - generally in amsterdam its weed put in the chocolate cake e.g. space cakes etc
LSD is 'Metabolised' by the body very quickly. Active doses, although sometimes seemingly powerful, are tiny. Measured in microgrammes (one millionth of a gram).

Having taken her cake (which would be very unlikely to contain LSD anyway), after 18 months there would be not even an atom left of it in their bloodstream.

After this length of time he or she can rest assured that no trace or part of LSD ( or more likely cannabis) will be left in his or her body.

They can relax.
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thanks everybody!

my friend was a bit anxious-apparently without good reason!

Bit late here but i just wanted to add that if the offending choccy cake was bought in a coffee shop in the 'dam then there is no way it would have contained LSD.

Weed or magic mushrooms yes, if fact, very likely. But LSD no. It's not worth losing their licence over, and besides, a chocolate cake is a pretty bizarre way of taking it!

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LSD longterm effects

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