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Why do ghosts wear clothes?

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plowter | 19:59 Sun 18th Nov 2012 | Body & Soul
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Alright, if we accept that ghosts are the spirits of the dead, why do they wear clothes? Surely clothes are inanimate objects?

Do socks have souls?
Do cardigans have chakras?
Do jeans have jinns?
Do pants have phantasms?


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So we can't see their ghoulies?
20:00 Sun 18th Nov 2012
So we can't see their ghoulies?
Ask Cazz if she is around.
The buggers are scary enough with their clothes on. Naked, shreeeeeeik.
Maybe because most people don't die in the nude.
it's a profection of our expectations of how they will be dressed that we think we see, most people who think they are seeing a ghost of elvis wouldn;t expect him to be dressed like henry v111
Maybe they'd be invisible without them.............
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Interesting thought, dotty.
So if I die tomorrow, will I come back wearing my favourite T-shirt or wearing the clothes other people remember me with?
Ghosts appear as they once were on earth. They wore clothes then. I saw a ghost 40 years ago. It was an outline of a clothed person and it was there and not there at the same time. Not expecting to see this, not related to me, but after discussing it with someone else unravelled who it was and why they were there at that time.
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grasscarp, that's a common response 'Ghosts appear as they once were on earth'on earth.'

People might have souls and an afterlife, but clothes don't. So how can inanimate objects appear in spiritual form?

For example, I love my car, my hi-fi and my carved wooden banana tree (don't ask). When I die will they all come back in spirit form?
Sorry Plowter, I was not trying to give a "common response". Just saying that I did have the rare and one off experience and what it was like in case anyone was interested.
My shoes have souls!!
Factor, great answer. :o))))
// Do cardigans have chakras? //

Do parkas have chakras would have been better.
The only ghosts I have have seen have been those of animals so hard to say personally.
Clever one. Factor.
You wouldn't know who I was if I didn't wear this white suit.
We don't accept that ghosts are spirits of the dead. Some of the best documented sightings are of apparitions either above or below the present floor level. This suggestes they are some kind of 'atmosphere recording' that plays back like a video in the presence of certain sensitive people that are on the right wavelength, they are standing on the floor as it was in their time, and not conscious spirits at all. Look up the 'stone tape' theory for more info.

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Why do ghosts wear clothes?

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