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When to take levothyroxine

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CW1 | 09:59 Sat 26th May 2012 | Body & Soul
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I take levothyroxine in the morning (usually around 7am) & know not to eat for up to an hour after but I've some early shifts coming up & really don't want to be having to get up even earlier to allow that hour. If I have breakfast when I get up (about 4am), how long should I wait before taking the pills ? I probably wouldn't eat again 'til about 11am.


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Didn't know that one shouldn't eat for an hour after taking levothyroxine.
Question Author
That's what GP (& pharmacist) said sqad, & my sis who's been taking it for years & under a completely different health authority.
Maybe 'cos it can interact with other foods ? All instructions say is take before food. How long *after* food is *before* food (if you know what I mean !) ? doesn't matter a "toss" when you take it.
If it were me, I would take it at your usually
Just make sure you take it on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before your next meal.
I've always taken it about half hour before breakfast my gp told me the same thing before food I never ask the reason for it would be interested to know though will ask next time I go there
I take mine an hour before breakfast - it does say on the enclosed leaflet in the box (which I never read) until recently.
Here we go again........"One MUST"..."have read the leaflet".........son and so forth.

The important thing is to take it at the same time has little to do with it.
This may answer some questions.
Morning Sqad - I see you are your normal cirpy self this morning, hahahaha

Den xx
Question Author
Thanks all.
I don't take it at the same time every day - when I start nights I probably don't even get up 'til about noon. Docs happy it's working so guess coupla days "off routine" won't do any harm.
And TOWIE, my leaflet just says "before food", no mention of how long before. Googling it, seems to be to do with absorption of thyroxine & how some foods slow it down.
Hi!Den.....still love you;-)

I cringe when i see links to the web on health matters.......I would ban them if i had my way.
I don't take mine at the same time every day, CW1 - sometimes 6.30, 7.30 or if I forget 10.30/11.00 at the latest.

I think as long as its working and doing its job, then there is no probs. {:o)
My mothers GP has never said anything about this, CW and she is on 125mg - she takes it 15 mins before a light breakfast.....
Sqad- My Endo always says the same - do you think this is a view shared by Docs ?

Hope you are well and Mrs. S. is keeping you in check (:o)) xx
I take mine when I get up .Which could be any time 'cos I don't have a fixed routine.I don't eat until an hour or so after getting up anyway .I've never read the leaflet either :)
Lol Sqad but isnt this exactly what you do on this site, give advice on health matters on the web!

The information in the link is probably taken from people highly trained in their specific field.

I also know you dont like the NHS.

Its probably the best and most reliable source of info on the net. Not alway right but then again what is? :))
Towie....let me let you into a secret about the medical world......if you find a topic where Drs disagree, it either means that they don't know the answer OR, it doesn't matter a damn and in this doesn't matter a damn.

Mrs sqad is getting more fragrant everyday....she is going shopping for a couple of days to Palma, so i will be available......get your name down quickly...;-)
Ratter....I worked in the NHS for 30 ate right....I have objections to the system, but this doesn't influence me in THIS case.

I have known, trained and been involved in many "highly trained odd bods"

The internet and links are as only as good as the accuracy of the input and on AB that input is often totally misleading.
You mean there is a list, Sqad - hahaha :o))
food slows down and can hinder absorption (as quoted from my endo) I tend to take mine in the morning when I wake up and eat around 30 mins later. I feel okay on that although I have heard people say that you should leave it an hour, I feel 30 mins is sufficient for me.

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When to take levothyroxine

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