Stripping Black Hair Dye

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China Doll | 13:33 Sat 07th Apr 2012 | Body & Soul
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Hi All,

Middle sister has dyed black hair and would ideally like to go back to her normal dark brown, (she'd still have to dye it dark brown in the future as she has a little grey). I seem to remember something advertised on the telly to do with stripping hair colour that is sold in shops but I have no idea what it's called or indeed if it even works or if it's only supposed to be used if you want to go blonde?

Any ideas on this product I'm thinking of please, and if it will do the job?

Otherwise looks like we're just re-dying her hair black to be on the safe side!



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Ah rocky, I think that's the one I was thinking of! Hopefully missey will pick some up and not chicken out and just make me dye her hair black again.

I had suspected as much FGT, and having had some pretty impressive hair dying disasters of my own, I have unfortunately got many things I can learn from... in fact black is one of the few colours I've never had!
Last time my hair was stripped from shocking pink :-)
Stripping is too harsh for the hair, leaves it like straw & just as breakable. If you're going from dark to blonde you would use a strong peroxide/stripper (not sold over counter).

Since you're not going from dark to light you dont need/want to stress your hair.
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You can't dye a lighter colour over a darker colour. She would end up with the roots one colour and the rest another which would look particularly stupid. I've done it to myself several times in the past going from a darker shade to a lighter one but still within the same 'tones' as you put it. I appreciate you have some experience in hair dressing but I simply see no logic in what you're saying.
".....Stripping is too harsh for the hair, leaves it like straw & just as breakable......" in unprofessional hands.

Such treatment needs close monitoring.
You can tint dark hair blonde easily, with the right products. I make a living at it.
yep, loads of issues: condition, texture etc!

and unless you want to go MUCH lighter, maybe pointess too!
Craft - you're hairdresser is useless, tell her to attend the beauty show & update herself.


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Stripping Black Hair Dye

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