Stripping Black Hair Dye

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China Doll | 13:33 Sat 07th Apr 2012 | Body & Soul
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Hi All,

Middle sister has dyed black hair and would ideally like to go back to her normal dark brown, (she'd still have to dye it dark brown in the future as she has a little grey). I seem to remember something advertised on the telly to do with stripping hair colour that is sold in shops but I have no idea what it's called or indeed if it even works or if it's only supposed to be used if you want to go blonde?

Any ideas on this product I'm thinking of please, and if it will do the job?

Otherwise looks like we're just re-dying her hair black to be on the safe side!



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I tried one of these hair stripping products 2 or 3 weeks ago and posted on the subject. My hair was dyed deep red and after I had stripped it I was a lurid shade of orange. The family nicknamed me Belisha.
Be aware that after you have stripped it you must not use a permanent dye for quite some time - only a temporary one.
My friend dyed her brown hair black and was told by the hair dresser the only way to get it back was to bleach it all

So that is what she did - bleached it and then dyed it a colour close to her own - it looked lovely just needed some extra condintioning for a few months
i find my dye washes out eventually -even the permanent ones, so if she washes it loads it might gradually go.
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Thanks Mrs C and FGT, she's only here til Tuesday and going back to auzzie after that, and actually she's only staying with me until tomorrow. Apparently it's really expensive for the hairdressers in auzzie land. So if we used one of these strippers or the bleach, would it be ok to add a temporary colour straight after? Can't really see her going back to auzzie land with a faded hair colour!

joke - her hairs been dyed black for ages, it's definitely not going to wash out unfortunately, the only other thing she could do if the above doesn't work is grow it out.
Yes, you can use a temporary colour straightaway after stripping
My mate's bloke used bleach.....
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I'm a bit scared of the bleach, I don't want her to beat me up if it goes wrong lol!

What's the stripping product you used called please mrs o?
I packed Mr O off to buy me a temp colour as I only had a permanent one at home. He came back with a colour called Iced Latte which turned me a boring shade of mouse. However, two or three weeks on, it has faded and I am now a lovely shade of darkish blonde/caramel that looks natural so I may stick with using temporary colours rather than go back to permanent
Sorry China, blowed if I can remember. It was from Boots - they stocked two, one being their own brand and one a more expensive brand. I went for the dearer one (around £5 I think)
I know its not much help but the brand I bought was by a male hairdresser (not John Frieda)
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Thanks lady... She's going to have a look for the stripper in boots if she gets down there this afternoon, otherwise we'll cross out fingers and hope to find the product in sainsburys! :c)
She might get into trouble if she asks for a stripper in Boots!!

Good luck
First two items here China. Never used them and would be cautious!
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Ta muchly both! :c)
DONT STRIP ! Since its another warm tone just apply the new tint over black. If the grey is less than 25% it would cover okay.
Why not strip or bleach Tamborine - the hairdresser did this to my friends hair when she dyed it black.
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Admittely I'm a bear of very little brain but I'm pretty sure brown won't cover black!

This one got good reviews on a website I was looking at a couple of weeks ago.
Your right China as believe it or not black is darker than brown!! lol
I've had my hair professionally stripped twice, and had to wait 24 hours before having any colour put back into it (the hairdresser did let me go home in the mean time)

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Stripping Black Hair Dye

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