Anyone up?? Feeling a bit :0/

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tinkerbell23 | 03:00 Wed 21st Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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Usual....bit panicy

I feel awful

Really awful

Just been sleeping woke up panicing...

Just came on for a chat


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dont know you tinkerbell,but,dont like to think of anyone panicking! whats got you awake?
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Just woke right up and hit an instant panic attack :0(

Never happened before when ive been alseep untill last week :0(

I feel awful. And stupid...... Really awful :0(
its prob been a bit of a dream.or something you're really concerned about,but are putting off maybe? breathe babe slowly and steady:-)
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Ill have to go back to the doc i cant do this all the time i feel awful right now ...

I have no idea why this is happening to me and i cant shake it...

Thanks so much taking big breaths and splashed my face with water- i actualy feel scared to get back to sleep now x
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Want to sleep so i dont feel like this :0(
no probs tinkerbell,have been on my own here before at night,and someone had a chat with me:-) do you live on your own? are you with parents? when i see 23 i think young!!
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Im 25....still at home but its just wee me just now. Xxx
you're ok dear:-) i'm an older bird who'll look after you!
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Feel dead silly. This has got to be up there with the worst- ive never been physically sick before like that :0(

Sorry BM....feel stupid :0( so so gratefull for the chat x
tinkerbell23, Its awful I know.

Try breathing/inhaling in and out quickly into a paper bag or similar keeping outside air out a few times, it does help and if it gets really bad see your Doc.

Its very common, I suffered it for years but, it does get better I can assure you,
Good luck
no reason to feel stupid! you are having a genuine trauma time , feel free to be as freaked as is completely normal!
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Thank you TRT i try to reason with myself but it just kept escalating tonight- docs tomorrow i think- scared of what theyll say or do but they were nice before and gave me beta blockers...theyre ok but if its springing on me when il flippin sleeping how can i take them (its as and when i need them)

Thanks BM....i just have very little problems compared to some people and a nice life which makes me feel all the worse that im acting this way x
if you take beta blockers daily,they take the edge off,and you'll prob find they help you feel able to deal with stuff. but,you must take them a vitamin
Its all the worry of choosing a new Avatar and keeping us all on tenterthingies!
Its nothing to do with personal problems, you could be the happiest person in the world and you can still get panic attacks.

One thing I forgot to mention is, try not to drink any alcohol for a few days, that's if you do of course and keep breathing into a bag.

Believe me I have experienced this!
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I was told to take as and mabye theyll review that!!!

I know shoota i have to get on that laptop and change it and some other things x
I liked the one with the bottle looking a bit louche.....
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Me too hehe x
Used to know a nurse looked just like that once upon a time, far, far, away.....

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Anyone up?? Feeling a bit :0/

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