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divegirl | 15:31 Fri 24th Feb 2012 | Body & Soul
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Well, just had a call from the hospital and they have moved my surgery date forward, so I'm going in on Monday now! Had to make a couple of frantic calls to make sure mates could still do as arranged but all is looking good!
I've had a bit of a wobble this week and been a bit tearful, it wasn't helped by the death of another neighbour to cancer....evil bAstard disease!
My son, ever the optimist said that statically that was a good thing as that made it three that have succumbed to it this year[!] and at least one of had to survive it.....bless him! :0/ marks two weeks off of the evil weed, so that's a plus and I have the weekend off of work before I go in to tie up all the loose ends of my spring clean! No rest for the wicked!

Lisa x


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Lisa, scary though it is, soonest done and the sooner you can recover, sending love and ((HUGS))♥
good luck on monday, wobble as much as you want xx
All bigs (((((HUGS)))) from here too, we'll be thinking good things for you. :-)
Yeah Lisa scary...but i agree with mamya! Get it over with...rather than the wait!!

Massive congrats on staying off the fags!! Ur doing sooooo well esp under all the stress!!!!!! Ur doing so so wellxxx
Don't overdo it on the spring-cleaning front. Leave some time to pamper yourself.
Hope all goes well xxxx
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I hope all goes well. And you have every right to wobble - who wouldn't? Really impressed with knocking the evil weed on the head - not easy at the best of times. You must be a very strong lady! x
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Cazz....were you watching me eat that Mars bar!

Thank you for your kind wishes.... I really do feel like a split personality right now...unfortunately the irrational part of the brain that thinks all the bad things has been winning this week, but I'll get it under control....or drunk! lol
Good luck for Monday Lisa, will be thinking of you xxxx
good luck for monday xx
Good luck Lisa xxx
Aw, good luck for monday Lisa. More recovery time before Thailand!
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I like your thinking Rocky....every day counts!
Good luck for Monday Lisa. I will be thinking of you xxx
Missed this earlier, I was out doing some emergency wine shopping - well actually the emergency was more croissant shaped, but I can't resist a wine bargain.

Hope everything goes well on Monday - try to enjoy your weekend first :)

dave xx

PS - thanks for the backup elsewhere - much appreciated - are you on fbook?
good luck Lisa, we'll look forward to having you back on here afterwards!
I'll be thinking of you Lisa... Good work on the fags too!! Much love xx
We'll be waiting when its over and wishing you well til then
Aww Lisa you're being very brave. You'll be fine, I'm wishing you well x
Best wishes. Wlii be thinking of you.

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