To all ladies who have had a hysterectomy!

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divegirl | 16:53 Tue 07th Feb 2012 | Body & Soul
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I will soon be joining you and was wondering about recovery times. I am self employed and work from home on the computer!
I generally work 6 hour shifts at a time and though my 'boss' will be cool about time off, if I don't work I can't keep myself in the life style I have become used to lol!
Realistically, how soon can I be expected to be able to sit and work? I'm hoping my boss will be able to let me work what I can when I can, but just wanted a general idea.
I should also add....I will be doing bugger all else....but if I can earn some pennies all would be good!

Lisa x


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Laparoscopic 4 weeks approx open 6-10 depending on how fit you were to start with. be prepared for feelings of tiredness or weepiness too they tend to catch you out for some time after that... If you have an understanding employer they may appreciate the need for occasional Duvet days... One big bit of advice I can give you which really helped me is;

09:53 Wed 08th Feb 2012
I had a hysterectomy nine years ago when I was 39. The incision was done vaginally and my ovaries were left in place so I didn't experience a sudden menopause or have to take HRT. Depending on the way your op is done, you will probably be able to manage light work (i.e. on the computer) within 2 or 3 weeks, but everyone responds differently to the anaesthetic and it may be longer. You will probably feel quite tired in any case. One thing I do remember is being told not to drive for 6 weeks! I couldn't stick to this due to family needs and drove within 3 with no ill effects. Good luck for your op. Hope it all goes smoothly!
Years ago, a very good neighbour of ours had a total hysterectomy. This was before the internet and was bored silly inside 4 weeks.
My advice would be to give yourself 4 weeks of recovery (it's a shock) then take it very very slowly. Don't rush anything at all.
Wishing you all the very best xxxx
Hi Lisa, it's about 13 years since I had my hysterectomy. It was a full hysterectomy, including ovaries and was done by abdominal section. Before the op my consultant told me that I would need to take three months off work (I was running an office so most of my work was sitting at a desk). I was surprised at the idea of needing three months off but he told me that it was a "major operation".

I duly made arrangements at work and got a temp in to help out with things for the three months I would be away. I must say that for the first couple of weeks I was glad to be at home. I got tired very easily (result of the anaesthetic) and was very sore. After that, however, I began to start doing things. No heavy lifting of course but I walked a little every day, gradually building up the distance.

After four weeks I felt much better - my husband found me digging in the garden, much to his horror. After six weeks I felt ready to return to work but had told the temp that the work would last for three months, so I decided to continue my recuperation at home - it was summer and I really enjoyed sitting out in the garden in the sunshine.

I guess it depends on the individual but I can tell you that two friends of mine, who had the same operation as me, both returned to work after six weeks. Be guided by your surgeon but I reckon you will know you own body better thatn anyone else, so just listen to what it tells you.

Good luck and I hope that your op is as sucessful as mine was - should have done it years earlier!

Polly x
Had one when I was thirty eight which is ..errr many years ago ..about twenty six :)
Had vacuum extraction which left the ovaries ,so went into early menopause .
That was a bit of swine at times but I got over it .
I provisionally booked three months off work ,was told not to lift grand pianos etc .Felt fine after about six weeks and went back to work shortly after that . No problem .Best days work I ever did .
Just looking in ..

My Mum (who is now 73) had one two years ago. Right as rain after 5-6 weeks.
She's generally active enough anyway .. not over-weight or smoker.
If she was working at home on office stuff .. I think she would have been back doing it at two-three weeks or so.
GL Al.
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Thank you for your answers.
Just got off the phone to my boss and he's being really cool, we usually have to out in rotas, but he said just take it one day at a time, so if I can do the odd hour here and there it's up to me. Like I said pay!

Lisa x
I'm afraid my story is not nearly as positive as those above me...but it's OK in the end.
I had mine done in 2001 as a result of having grown what turned out to be a large ovarian cyst. It was a total hysterectomy and ovarectomy....everything was taken, uterus, tubes, ovaries, cervix, the lot.
I was cut up and down the way, not side to side like a C-section because, as the registrar informed me the night before the op when I was begging for a side-to side incision, 'with you we need room to work'. (Not the most reassuring answer, especially as nobody knew it was a cyst then.)
I was wrecked for weeks.
I went back to a sedentary job half time after 3 months then full time after four months and ,frankly, I could have done with another full month off.
I didn't feel completely better for about a year.
I had HRT for about 5 years then gradually stopped it.
Absolutely fine now.
All the very best when you have yours done.
Could you work from home?
Question Author
I do work from home....just wondering what my limitations would be?

Lisa x
Laparoscopic 4 weeks approx open 6-10 depending on how fit you were to start with. be prepared for feelings of tiredness or weepiness too they tend to catch you out for some time after that... If you have an understanding employer they may appreciate the need for occasional Duvet days... One big bit of advice I can give you which really helped me is;

Every cell in your body is female you are not defined by your reproductive organs,,, your brain knows you are a woman..

And a second bit... take some really lovely undies,make up, hair stuff etc into hospital for the spell just before you leave use the last day or so for relaxation and pampering yourself... and walk out looking life in the face with some serious lippy on you will feel sooo much better. trivial but true
I had total abdominal hysterectomy in Sep 2010. Consultant advised me to take 6 weeks off work even though I told him that I work from home - full-time pc work for an employer. Luckily my employer paid me full pay for the 6 weeks but I felt I could have gone back to work after 2-3 weeks. As others have said it does take time to recover from the anaesthethic and get back to normal walking/moving around. In case it makes a difference - I was 46 at time of op and generally quite healthy and active.

Get lots of books from the library/friends - day time TV is not up to much!

All the best.
There's an old "formula"of the effects of the anaesthetic - each hour under equals the same number for the month it takes to fully get the effects out of your system so 1 hour op equals 1 month, so on.....
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Thanks Sue, the thing is with me, due to back pain, if I'm downstairs I always sit on my computer chair anyway.... so why not work If I'm sitting there!
Like I said, my boss has been great about the time off, but I'm self employed to no pay! The good thing is I can just work the odd hour here and there [when it's busy online] so 2 hours a day 'can' earn me around £30....enough to keep me ticking over financially.

Lisa x
You will know yourself if you feel well enough to work...but I think you may be surprised at just how tired you will be immediately following the surgery.
Good luck, hope all goes as well as it can and that your recovery is uneventful.

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To all ladies who have had a hysterectomy!

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