male circumcision?

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anneasquith | 16:40 Tue 17th Jan 2012 | Body & Soul
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male circumcision, i am aware cultural/religous groups have newborn males circumcised , but it looks quite brutal! are the babies sedated prior to the procedure ? TIA


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I don't think they are no.
not as brutal as female circumcision
Of course not, it wouldn't be a primitive rite if they did!
Don't remember...
No - but pinking scissors hurt
have you seen the gomco clamp ? the mogen clamp is said to be less painful.

i wouldn't care to test the theory.
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It's a small thing when you are six days old, a great deal more unpleasant if you leave until you are adult. Or so I am told.
off with their heads I say !!!!...on the sane side when done as babies ...nowt....
Always seemed strange to me to do it for religious reasons. Why if your god has provided you with what is reckoned to the best that could be done, why mutilate it? Bit like breast implants?
redhelen, why cleaner? whats wrong with washing.
it's medically proventhat rates of cervical cancer are remarkably lower in communities that have male circumcision as the norm.

PS as to "what's wrong with washing" - people don't!
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bednobs, is that theory still up to date ?
that men don't wash their willies???
reckon so!
I don't think it is seen as a trauma for small babies, who have probably not developed all the sensitive nerve endings that will be in place by adulthood.

I had mine done when i was fourteen - because it would not retract properly, and trust me, even with a general, it was pretty flamin' brutal!

I am glad now though, I think the 'roundhead' appearence is nore aesthetically pleasing than the 'cavalier' - any opinions?
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bednobs, i meant the cervical cancer, but i think you know that !
Increased incidence of cervical cancer in women with uncircumcised partners is contentious and depends upon what study you read.

Babies are not given an anaesthetic.

The is no medical indication for circumcision of babies.
People should be circumspect when thinking about trying to improve on any part of Gods creation.
Oh heck - here we go again .... !

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