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mumsie_wumsie | 15:41 Tue 06th Dec 2011 | Body & Soul
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My right eye feels as though there is something in it. It has been sore now for about 5 days. I have had a good look in it today and it looks as though there are two ulcers on the white of the eye. I have been using eye drops and ointment for dry eyes. Is there anything else I can do, and is this something to be worried about. Can anyone advise me on this please????


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Get thee to the doctors and get it sorted out.
And if you cannot get an emergency appointment at your Dr, drop in to any optician . They will be able to advise you.

Your eyes are very precious, you must get this attended to.
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Thankyou Mosaic and Ladyalex for your replies. I will get an appointment tomorrow, but which would be best, doctors or opticians?
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I phoned my doctor and got an emergency appointment this evening. She phoned through to the eye clinic at the hospital and they will phone me in the morning-hopefully with an appointment there. Meanwhile my doctor has given me some different eye ointment for overnight and said to wear an eye patch to rest the eye.But she said she doesn't think it is too serious; lets hope not !!!!
When I had a problem with my eye, I went to the Doctor who gave me some antibiotic eyedrops which didn't work. After a week of pain, I was then referred to the eye hospital. I was told there, that if you have a problem with your eyes, you should go to your optician, as they are eye specialists.
Well done, mumsie-wumsie....your Dr clearly thinks eyes are precious too.
Good luck at the hospital.
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I did phone the opticians first, The Winner, and they told me to go to the doctor.I too would have thought opticians first, but who are we to say !?!?! Lets just hope they have got it right this time. Will let you all know how I get on.
Describe soreness, is it just gritty like an eyelash in it or tender and aching?
Any sensitivity to bright lights?
Any discharge?
Any redness?

You cannot get ulcers on the white of the eye so I presume you mean a raised area or clear raised area. Possible retention cyst or pterygium with associated dry eye Sx or corneal erosion/epithelial break.

Hope all goes ok. Good luck at your eye clinic.
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Hi york310, no not gritty,more like a boulder in the eye, and achey. No discharge, but quite red, not sensitive to bright lights..Eye is watering a lot and is very sore. At my last opticians appt (about 6 months ago) they said I have 'dry eyes' and I bought some drops for that. Whether or not they are ulcers, they look like two white raised 'blobs' on the white of the eye. Whatever they are, they are causing a lot of discomfort and I want them gone ASAP.
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Update on my sore eye!!! Well the hospital phoned me this morning(just a day late!!) and I have an appt on Monday at 3pm. I have been using the ointment that doc gave me and my eye feels a lot better. Still a bit sore but nowhere near what it was like. I have also got to get some other eye drops tomorrow for dry eyes and use them 6 times a day, along with the other ointment. But I don't think it is as serious as I first thought. But will let the doc at hospital have a look.
How did things go at your appointment?
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Hi Hollie, Went to my eye clinic appointment on Monday. Doctor there examined my eye and the problem is thickening of the surface of my eye. Have got two more tubes of eye drops and ointment to use four times a day each. Today my eye is very sore and red and watering quite badly. Its making me feel a bit miserable to be honest. If it gets worse and I can't cope with it any more, then this 'blob' can be removed, but don't really fancy that very much. So it seems that it is something I have to live with as it won't be going away !!!!

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