I've got a tiny little lump on my ..........

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wolf63 | 10:29 Sat 11th Jun 2011 | Body & Soul
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After a totally horrendous night of no sleep (second in a row - partly thanks for a problem with my furry alarm clock) I am doing some stuff on the computer before going back to bed to see if I can get a short nap.


I have a pea sized lump on my elbow. I initially thought that it was hard skin caused by me leaning on it when I was reading. I tried taking it off with my skin grater type hard skin remover and it hurt like he11 but didn't go away.

I looked up Elbow lumps on Google - but all the entries referred to dogs!

When I was at the nurse getting my Lithium levels checked we were talking about her goldfish having a lump. So I showed her my tiny lump - she said that it was a cyst and might/might not go away on its own.

Is it a type of ganglion? If so will it go away if I whack it with something?

If all else fails and it is still there by Christmas I might go and see my GP.



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I couldn't even get my graphics to work out. Not my fault - it is ABs fault. Bah!

I don't want to sound like a whingey male pixi but it hurts - drawing on it would hurt more. Maybe stick a ribbon on it or something equally bizarre.
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If I remember correctly you have rheumatoid disease.....I i haven't, then forget what i am going to say.

it is a rheumatoid big treatment required.
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Nope sqad - you fail the doctor test - you should remember all your e-patients and their strange and varying ailments. ;-)

I was really tempted to whack it with something hard but will just try the 'ignore it and see if it goes away' test.

I hope the weather in your part of the world is better than the dreich weather here in Scotland - it is p1ssing down.

Thanks, as always, for your help.

you have to whack ganglions with the family bible, don't you? (Probably because in olden times that was the heaviest thing they had around the house.) But try it on a cyst and you'll probably be shooting throught the ceiling.
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No bibles in this house jno - I obey the commands of the moggie gods.
Could be a little bursa . Is it hard or soft ,sort of fluid filled ? I had one on my elbow which became quite inflamed and I had to have the fluid drawn off .But I suffer with RA.
Sometimes they just go away on their own .
Stop leaning on your keyboard shelf :0 )
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It's hard - I just thought that me leaning on it had caused a lumpy area of hard skin. It usually doesn't hurt but when it does it hurts very much.

I have my elbow lying on a cuddly toy just now so there is no great problem with it - it is just another bit of me falling apart. I had to get my first pair of varifocals this year. ;-(


I hope the nice picturey thing works this time.
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If this doesn't work I will give up.
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It's still a rheumatic nodule..........;-)

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I've got a tiny little lump on my ..........

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