food/petrol charges/taxes should be reduced for beer and ciggies ,thoughts pls ?

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goldenbolls | 10:10 Sat 11th Jun 2011 | Body & Soul
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well we all know now how tough its getting out there, i personally think government should really rise the price of beer and pints in bars to maybe £6 pint etc. and really add the taxes on ciggies etc which are bad for everyones health, now i myself struggle with beer, i love it and i love a cig with my pint ( i never smoke through week, only when im drinking beer ) boxes of budweiser in tescos for £10.00 have turned me into an alco overnight lol... but i would rather see the essentials like petrol/gas prices going down , i think the food is very expensive now , tesco 2 years ago 1 tin tuna 70 pence or there abouts though now i get a can of tuna for £1.70 What The Funicular !!! cost of fruit has rocketed through the roof but the greedy corrupt government want us to lead healthy lifestyles tut tut .....ive lived in norway where the beer a pint was like £7-50 and that was in 2002. why dont uk government do same ? pensioners out there dying with the cold and cant even put the gas on For Funks Sake , makes my blood boil ! i am also on benefits as there is just no work out there . why cant the government get it right if they are so smart ? confused :-(


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I certainly get what you are saying. Unfortunately-there are so many variables that affect the prices of the things we actually need. Petrol goes food prices for food up because it costs more to harvest and transport our food. As it is,farmers don't often get a price that covers their costs.Funny that the cost of sweets and junk food seem to get cheaper though.

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food/petrol charges/taxes should be reduced for beer and ciggies ,thoughts pls ?

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