Garra Rufa Fish..would you let them near your feet?

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sandrajo | 18:20 Tue 10th May 2011 | Body & Soul
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The new trend of fish tanks filled with 'Garra Rufa Fish' (fish with no teeth eating the dead skin on your feet) is hitting all the big shopping centres. I haven't had it done but know a few people who have and there is mixed reactions to it.

Have you ever had it done or would you give it a try?


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No I wouldn't! I can't stand the thought of a fish touching me never mind munching away on my feet..ughhh it's making me cringe just thinking about it.
It's all the rage here too. I quite fancied it, until someone pointed out that you don't know where the water's been, that they are swimming in.... or rather, if they have been swimming around someone else's scabby feet, would anything transfer via the fishes' teeth and skins?
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I've no problem with people putting their feet into a tank full of fish but I never once seen anyone clean their feet before they put them into the tank...there's a filter in the tank but it still put me off!!
I went to get a massage on an achey back and was pressganged into trying it for free while waiting. I'm not squeamish but just really wasn't keen and the guy said he could counter any excuse I came up with so caved as too knackered and grumpy and in pain to argue.

I wasn't thrilled, wouldn't pay for it and would say it's meant to be more relaxing than pedicure like (what I'd class as a proper pedicure anyway). It felt tickly at first at just a bit wierd and I felt bad for the fish (I know, but I did!).
Spice things up - make one fish in ten a small piranha...
I had it done - and had to wsh feet before puingthem in the tank - obviously there will be unscrupulous traders who don't run the places hygenically just like there are unscrupulous hairdressers, nail salons, tattoo parlours even cafe's and restaurants.

I thoroughly enjoyed it - absolute bliss
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I had it done and thoroughly enjoyed it. Had my feet washed first. Afterwards my feet were really smooth and soft. will definately do it again.
Omg. Just posted above you about same thing lol WEIRD!!!!!!!!!! i loved it xxx

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Garra Rufa Fish..would you let them near your feet?

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