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cataract surgery

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slinkycat | 01:07 Mon 21st Mar 2011 | Body & Soul
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My Dad is on a waiting list for cataract surgery, he has them in both eyes, one a lot worse than the other.
We gather that they will only operate on one eye then leave a period of time before doing the other. Dad didn't think to ask what the interval is, anyone had experience of this?


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My friend (who is now in her mid 70s) had both eyes operated on several years ago. As far as I can recall, the interval between the ops was in the region of a few months.

The links from this page (particularly 'Recovery') might be of interest to your dad:

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Thanks for that Chris, had a quick look at your link, think I will print it off for my Dad, as it looks really helpful.
My parents want to book a holiday, they only ever holiday in Britain, but only my Dad drives, so I suggested that there might be a window of opportunity between ops.
Obviously they are still in limbo until the date of the first one comes through!
Fingers crossed he won't have to wait too long.
No definite time interval as it varies form Unit to Unit.

A good guide is that when the first eye has healed completely, then operation on the second eye can be contemplated.
Had mine done 2 years ago, did one eye then had to go back after 6 weeks for a check, that was OK so they then put me down for the second one. Had that one done 3 weeks later but I do think it depends entirely which part of the country you are in. Wish you Dad all the best from me.
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Hiya Slinks,

My Uncle had his done about 6 weeks apart, and one was slightly worse then the thing he ever did, he mentioned...... and the first thing he said to my Auntie was " Cor, i can see your b oo bs much better now" ( randy old goat

....It runs in the family, you know :0) xx
I wish your Dad all the best for his treatment, slinky.....easy procedure, so tell him not to worry and he'll be so glad when he has it. :0)

love yoges xx
When my Dad has his cataracts done he was told by the Doctor that they left time between the ops so that your brain can react to being able to see properly again, ie if you've been nearly blind for some time and then suddenly you can see your brain an't cope with the sudden change. If they do one eye at a time, then your brain has time to adjust.

But that could havejust been an excuse.
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Sorry for not responding earlier (been getting ready for hols!)
Thanks for all your replies, that gives me a better idea of what he can expect, will pass info on to him.
Lol at Yogi! Lets hope you don't get cataracts seeing as they run in the family ;-)

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