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Why does my eyelid.....

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yelenots | 21:15 Tue 19th Oct 2010 | Health & Fitness
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keep twitching - anyone know? Thanks :-)


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Tired I expect. For years I believe it was because you needed a poo ( another lie my mum told me as a kid, much like hillsheep, I asked on here to prove a point to IggyB that they were real only to be have my illusions shattered), Too many stimulants, like caffeine, or some sort of irritation can cause it too. if you wash your eyeout and its still happening you probably need a good old kip
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Stress and Tireness yes I got both of them!! Thanks
Mine does it when I see tattoos on ladies bottoms.
Lack of quality sleep.

You need more uninterrupted, relaxed sleep at night time.

Making up for lack of sleep with an occasional doze in the daytime won't do.

Do you work unusual hours?
Albags, stop squinting at the screen then!
happens to me sometimes, I put it down to tiredness!............
Yep Sara .. magnifying glass no worky.

Hi Welshy :x)
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Hopkirk - I work part time during the day but for the past 10 days or so i keep dreaming, every night, the weirdest of dreams I wished they would stopped! Going to have a nice bubble bath and hot choc tonight to see if that helps!
Unfortunately one good nights sleep won't be enough.

You need to get more quality sleep regularly.
Try putting a couple of `cold` tea-bags on them for about ten minutes whenever you have spare time, it really works.
I get it when I am overtired - it's a tic.
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Why does my eyelid.....

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