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Primary open angle Glaucoma

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Whoever | 18:24 Thu 25th Mar 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Does anybody on here have any experience of this? I understand this condition is normally treated with eye drops and wonder how effective these are at holding any further eye degenation at bay or whether any other treatment such as laser treatment works.


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Hi Whoever I have this condition, mine was quite advanced when diagnosed (my own fault) and I have been treated with drops since and seen at eye unit every 6 months or so. I was there yesterday as it happens and the drops are doing their job and eye pressure levels and field of vision test is also as good as last visit.

I am unlucky on one hand as so much sight loss had already occurred but it is reassuring to know there is no further degeneration.

Hope this helps answer your query.

Primary open angle glaucoma is generally treated with drops but as you mentioned in some instances laser treatment is used.

This type of chronic glaucoma is a slow degeneration of the optic nerve head and is thought to have some relation with the pressure inside the eye. Some people have normal pressures however and can still have glaucoma. The main aim of the treatments is to lower the intra-ocular pressure (IOP) and this is done in of two ways. Different drops can either lower the pressure by reducing the amount of aqueous humour produced (fluid in the front part of the eye) or by helping it drain away better.

The laser treatment (iridotomy) puts holes in the iris to allow better drainage.

Your glaucoma specialist or ophthalmic consultant will know which treatment is best for you. The important thing is to maintain regular check ups and monitor the condition.
york310 has answered you far more comprehensively than I, I believe laser treatment is used in some cases especially if the drops do not reduce the pressure as mine seems to have done.

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Primary open angle Glaucoma

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