Can you get sick from eating out of date dried fruit?

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MrPahoehoe | 15:09 Sat 31st Oct 2009 | Health & Fitness
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I was just eating a packet of dried fruit (mango, pineapple, papaya & pluot (plum)), which seemed fine. Happened to check the best before date and it expired several months ago (July 09) - I only bought it about 3 weeks ago. One of the bits did look a bit funny (like it might have a little mould, so i didn't eat that), but its dried all looks funny. Normally spoiled foods are pretty obviously nasty, but guess with dried fruits its a bit more difficult. First time I've ever bought dried fruit, so i have no idea how long it usually keeps for: is 3 months past its best before date, a lot, or not much? I'm i going to be ill, or am i worrying over nothing (as usual)?

Cheers, MrP


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In my opinion I think it highly unlikely that you'll suffer any ill effects whatsoever. The flavour of the dried fruit will be impaired due to the date but not a lot else.
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Can you get sick from eating out of date dried fruit?

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